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If you are concerned about your brain, gut, or your immune system, then learn how to optimize their relationship with each other, which we call the Core-Trio!

Aleta Health

A sufficient amount of reputable research has begun to unravel the powerful relationship between the brain, gut and immune system, which we call the Core-Trio.  They communicate with each other through neurons, hormones, immune cells, metabolites, and bacteria!   For example, a distressed gut can be a cause of anxiety and also suppress immune cells.  Chronic stress beginning in the brain can cause pro-inflammatory bacteria in the gut and weaken the immune response.  An illness enabled by a weak immune system can in turn affect brain cognition and the condition of the gut.  

This communication within the Core Trio is not just dependent on your genetics, but is relevant to the information that you input!  This information is primarily about your mindset, nutrition, physical activity, and your sleep.  As for nutrition, it is vital to strive for whole foods, nutrient-dense, and macro-balanced diet.  Today, this is not easy to accomplish, so we provide key insights and quality nutritional formulas to support your Core-Trio!

The Core-Trio

Because we are serious about people’s “true health”, we are serious about “true nutritional supplements” that support the function of the Core-Trio.  Our specialized line of supplements support specific aspects of the Core Trio, and we are meticulous about the purity, potency, and effectiveness of each formula.  Our process with research, formulation, raw material selection/sourcing, laboratory testing, and production is grounded in integrity and focused on results, not just what is trending in the industry.  As new research and developments unfold, we continue to improve our formulas and add relevant products.  Our company continues to strive for real solutions for true health for as many people as possible!

Our Formulas

Not all nutritional supplements are equally effective for various reasons.  The efficacy of our formulas is a top priority, which can be illustrated in a number of ways…

  • Evidence-Based Formulations
  • Advanced Ingredients/Raw Materials
  • Effective yet Safe Dosages
  • Ongoing Research and Innovation

We utilize state-of-the-art ingredients whenever possible, some of which have been trademarked or patented for their unique properties.  Some of these high-caliber ingredients are listed below:

  • Quatrefolic®
  • Opti MSM®
  • ParActin®
  • IgY Max®
  • Meriva®
  • Sunvitol®

True Efficacy

Based on integrity, our quality control process meets and exceeds government and industry standards.  In essence, this protects the purity, safety, and effectiveness of our nutritional supplements.  Our QC standards are illustrated in a number of ways…

Each product is produced in an FDA Registered and cGMP Certifed facility in the U.S.

Raw materials/nutritional ingredients are tested for identification, potency, heavy metals, bacteria, and pesticides.

Specified quality checks are completed during each stage of the product’s manufacturing process.

Finished products are tested for bacteria and potency.

True Quality

What is NOT in our nutritional supplements is also important to understand.  We take the additional steps necessary to ensure the purity of our formulas…  

No Gluten
No Artificial Sweeteners
No Artificial Flavors
No Artificial Colors
No Preservatives
No Titanium Dioxide
No Propylene Glycol

Unfortunately, some of these are common in nutritional supplements/products because it is a way for companies to cut costs.  Our priority is to protect and improve your health!

NO Toxic Additives

Ultimately, you are most likely to experience your true potential with the Core-Trio by making every effort with your mindset, food, physical activity, and sleep.  None of us can do this perfectly, and studies have shown that most individuals are deficient in certain nutrients creating what we call, Nutritional Gaps, which is our first supplement category.  For this reason, our supplements in this category are important to consider.

In the same way that specific nutrients support certain aspects of our body’s structure and function, we provide specific formulas to help support certain aspects of the Core-Trio.  These formulas can be found in the categories: Brain Function, Gut Health, and Immune System.  Select the individual supplements from each category that best fit your personal needs. 

Keep in mind that taking our supplements consistently is key.  At the same time, it may take about 4-6 weeks for them to express their full potential.  We are excited to hear about your results! 

How to Use Our Supplements

Our Supplement Categories

Nutritional Gaps
Brain Function
Gut Health
Immune System

About Us

The word, “Aleta” means truth. We are passionate about providing real solutions to help you experience true health. Backed by a collaboration of skilled farmers, chemists, manufacturers, and naturopathic practitioners , Aleta Health is a unique supplement company that can help you with your journey to find true health. We believe it is key to optimize the working relationship between your brain, gut microbiome, and immune system, which we call the Core-Trio.  Working on your mindset, your nutrition, your physical movement, and your sleep are vital to the function of your Core-Trio. Our quality nutritional formulas can help with this synergistic process…